Mr Observant

I have walked past this bench many times, I have had conversations with people sitting on this bench many times. But today was the first day I saw the beauty of this bench – in fact I would still be ignorant of its beauty if Jane hadn’t said we should take a photograph of it for this blog.

Shows how observant I am!

If anybody else hasn’t notice the whale – a little solidarity would be appreciated now, thanks!


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8 thoughts on “Mr Observant

  1. Well…….it hasnt been there tooooo long. A few months now I spose. It was purchased by the boat club and donated to the wharf. (Plark must be new) They had a fund raiser a while back, doing firewood on Moturoa Is, and did quite well. The seat is made entirely of recycled plastic, and cost a fortune!!!!!

  2. I wish I could say I hadn’t noticed it but I had. I noticed it turn up one morning, back in the days/months when I sat near the wharf and noticed a lot!!

  3. Thanks John! Your coffee has been upgraded to a glass of wine!

  4. Can I trade that in for a Seismic?

  5. The Bench is made by Replas ( and was supplied by Metal Art in Wellington. It is indeed made from recycled plastic. I am proud to say that I have been a part of Replas in Australia and am now working for Metal Art, but alas in the North, so have not seen this particular bench. I do hope people enjoy its story as well as its design, That bench has diverted an awful lot of waste plastic from landfil, thats gotta be good!

  6. This Beachcomber seat has be made using recycle plastic the equivalent of 2125 2lt Milk bottles.

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