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7,875 views, 268 on the busiest day – April 10, 274 comments and 30 followers, to date.

A big thank you to all of you who’ve commented or just said you enjoyed the blog in passing. A special thank you to Paul Nankivell and Finlay Langelaan who contributed photos (sounds like we’re at the Oscars). Also, thanks to Bob Haswell whose comments we really enjoyed but were so rude we could not publish and John Burland whose comments were so intellectual we sometimes didn’t understand them!

Come Tuesday night it will be strange not to hear Jane say “Neil, have you done the blog yet?” If half a dozen people want to get together and take a week each in turn photographing to continue the blog please call 0800 I’M OUT!.

All we can say is – It’s been emotional…

For anyone who wants a review, here are 60 images from the year in 30 seconds.

I have walked past this bench many times, I have had conversations with people sitting on this bench many times. But today was the first day I saw the beauty of this bench – in fact I would still be ignorant of its beauty if Jane hadn’t said we should take a photograph of it for this blog.

Shows how observant I am!

If anybody else hasn’t notice the whale – a little solidarity would be appreciated now, thanks!