Mapua, we have a problem…

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10 thoughts on “Mapua, we have a problem…

  1. Well done guys . Loved it all. One small step for Neil , one gaint loss for Mapua.

  2. Lost….but not forgotten. It’s been great.

  3. Hi Choco doggie- cruel and heartless that’s what I say.

    Bob and Anne Haswell Clifftops-Retreat 42 Aporo Road Ruby Bay RD 1 Upper Moutere 7173 New Zealand Ph: 0064 3 540 2767


  4. Thanks to you I have had my daily ‘grounding’ with your delightful images of this wonderful area we call home.

  5. Thank you for documenting a year of the treasure’s of our community.
    Aren’t we lucky to live here!?
    When I try to describe where I live to all my friends & family abroad, a link to your daily photo sums it up.
    Better than words.
    I will miss the daily post.
    Thanks for your time, energy and dedication. Much appreciated

  6. We will celebrate tomorrow and also try to persuade you to blog on. Have enjoyed it all. You will be missed…….

  7. Well done you two. Have really enjoyed the blog. Can’t wait for the next thing you come up with! Cheers

  8. A really BIG thanks from both of us for all your kind comments, it has been a lot of fun. It is amazing how quickly a year passes but that’s it for us, for this blog anyway – you can always call 0800nankivell, he said he was very keen to carry on, (I think he may have been tipsy when he said it). I think we will leave the camera at home tomorrow, stop pestering people and just go for a walk. Transmission ends…

  9. Aaah, it’s over! How sad, I shall really miss your photos and comments guys, thank you so much for them – it’s been great to see and appreciate our area through someone else’s eyes. It may be the end of Portrait Mapua, but I’m sure it will be the beginning of something else, I wonder what?!……..

  10. An image a day for a year!!!! Dont know how you managed it. You do need to have them printed into a book though. That one of Grant Heney, our friendly constable is great.

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